Work, Energy and Power is the last section of second chapter of SPM form 4 physics. In this section, we are going to discuss work, including what is meant by work done and the unit of work done. We will also discuss the equation of work done, when the direction of force is NOT the … Read more

Force as a Vector

Force as a vector is the last part in this course. In SPM, under force as a vector, we need to learn addition of vectors, resolution of vectors, inclined plane and equilibrium of forces. In this lesson, we will focus on addition of forces, where we will discuss how to use the triangle law and … Read more

The Force of Gravity

In gravity, we will discuss the gravitational field, free falling, lift and pulley. Under gravitational field, we will discuss what is gravitational field, gravitational field strength, gravitational acceleration and weight are. In free falling, we will discuss dropping object from a high place and launching object upward. We will also discuss the graphs of motion … Read more

Impulse and Impulsive Force

In previous lesson, we have discussed Newton’s second law of motion. When a net force is applied on an object, the acceleration of the object is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. From Newton’s second law, we deduced the equation F=ma. We have also discussed friction, … Read more

Velocity-Time Graph

In previous lesson, we have learned how to analyse a displacement-time graph and finding velocity from a displacement-time graph, where the velocity is equal to the gradient of the graph. In this lesson, we are going to proceed to velocity-time graph, where we will learn how to analyse a velocity-time graph, how to solve the … Read more

Displacement-Time Graph

In this lesson, we will proceed to graph of motion, where we will focus on the displacement-time graph, including analysis of the graph and solving some calculation questions. There are 3 types of Motion Graph: the displacement-time graph, the velocity-time graph and the acceleration-time graph. All these graphs look similar. However, they are quite different, … Read more

Precision, Accuracy and Sensitivity

In previous lessons, we have covered physical quantities including classification of physical quantities, scientific notation and prefixes. In this lesson, we are going to move on to measurement. In this lesson, we will discuss what is error in measurement, sensitivity of measuring instrument, accuracy of a measurement and consistency of measurement. Under error, where we will … Read more