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Archimedes’ Principle

In this lesson, we are going to discuss Archimedes’ Principle, where we will discuss what is upthrust? Why objects float in liquid? The relationship between upthrust and density, and what is stated in Archimedes’ Principle. After that we will discuss the equation of Archimedes Principle. Under the equation, we will learn how to find the … Read more

Gas Pressure and Atmospheric Pressure

In previous lesson, we have discussed liquid pressure, where we discussed the formula of liquid pressure, characteristics of liquid pressure and some applications of liquid pressure. In gas pressure, we are going to explain how gas pressure is produced by using the kinetic theory of gas. After that, we will shift to atmospheric pressure where … Read more

Pressure and Liquid Pressure

Force and Pressure is the 3rd chapter in SPM form 4 Physics. There are 6 main sub-topics in this chapter, namely pressure, liquid pressure, gas pressure, Pascal’s Principle, Archimedes Principle and Bernoulli’s Principle. In pressure, we will discuss what pressure is, the formula of pressure and applications of high and low pressure. In liquid pressure, … Read more

Understanding Momentum

In previous lesson, we have discussed inertia, including what is inertia, Newton’s first law of motion, situation involving inertia, mass and inertia and reducing negative effects of inertia. In this lesson, we will discuss momentum, including the principle of conservation of momentum and its applications. Under principle of conservation of momentum, we will discuss how … Read more